Our origins

Parents in Switzerland are struggling with inflexible, too few and expensive childcare options. Although childminders offer many benefits, such as personal care and flexible hours, their popularity has fallen sharply in recent years.

This is the reason we created Nidino to revolutionize childminder care and address the core problems of the Swiss care system:

Switzerland at the bottom of childcare according to UNICEF

Inadequate ratio of carers to children

High childcare costs weigh on families

An acute shortage of currently 7000 childcare places


Our vision

Nidino's vision is to achieve a better work-family balance for everyone - regardless of whether you look after your children externally or by yourself.

Nidino enables parents to financially compensate their current own childcare by adding more children to their family. At the same time, we are creating new and more flexible childcare places in a family environment for other families.

Our community

At Nidino, we attach great importance to a community that is characterized by local proximity. This not only promotes familiarity, but also strong partnerships between parents.

Our childminders are selected in such a way that they are optimally accessible for working parents — whether close to home or work. This makes it easier to pick up and drop off as well as spontaneous visits.

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Our team

Kilian Bründler


Nicole Hardegger

Marketing Manager

Anthony Boschung

Product & Business Development

Laura Fatio

Business Development

Alejandra Abad

Director Investor Relations

Martin Osen

Fractional CMO

Andreas Scholling-Borg

Board of Directors
Founder & CEO Batmaid

Christian Meyer

Board of Directors
CEO Aquilas

An Nguyen

exCOO @ Koru kids

Sophie Nebeling

Childminder expert

Nidino: A venture from Aquilas

Nidino is the latest startup from venture builder Aquilas. As a venture builder, Aquilas launches and scales innovative concepts in the area of global urban trends in Switzerland.